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Goree Diaspora Festival

Personal Essays:
-Inside Ghana, Newsweek
-Slow-Cooking History, New York Times
-Cheikh Anta Diop - An Awakening, Chimurenga
The Intruder, New York Times Magazine
-Skinny Mini, Ugly Duckling Diaries

Reviews & Interviews:
-Nana Oforiatta Ayim on being a Custodian of Ghanaian History, Electric Literature
-Woman of the Ashes
by Mia Couto
, The Guardian

-Kweku's House, Accra Noir (forthcoming Dec 2020)
-Ziema's Baby, Bellingham Review (forthcoming May 2020)
-Sisters, Between the Generations: An Anthology for Ama Ata Aidoo at 80
-Unborn Children, New Daughters of Africa
-Lights Off, The Sea has Drowned the Fish
-Losing Hassana, Slush Pile Magazine
-Incident on the Way to the Bakoy Market, Asymptote
-New Shoes, Imagine Africa
-Tamale Blues, African Roar
-Khaya Tree, StoryTime
-Ekow, Caine Prize 2010 Anthology
-Ekow (in Spanish), Ellas Tambien Cuentan

AFRican Magazine:
-The Door of Return
-The Day Obama Won
-African Magic in a Bottle
-Pick-Up Lines
-Throwing Stones
-Diary of an AFRican Nomad
-The Changing Faces of Accra
-Taboos in Senegal
-Ramadan and Mad Taxi Drivers in Marrakech
-Rabat, Morocco. An AFRican's First Impressions
-Mourides Celebrate 19 Years in North America
-Chatting with Monica Arac de Nyeko
-Hugh Masekela unhappy with world's Darfur response
-Overcoming adversity and giving back

Yachting Magazine:
-Campeche Playa
-"Ghost Yacht" Mystery
-Second Home, Plus Yacht
-Islamorada's New Wave
-No Bananas on Board [Yachting Magazine Website]

Accra Daily Mail:
-Diary of a Confused 20-Something

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